Addressing the alarm about plastic food packaging

Plastics are safe in food packaging and offer many benefits, contrary to a Washington Post essay by Paul Thacker, writes Steve Russell of the American Chemistry Council. The piece "stoked unfounded alarm about plastic food packaging -- materials that reliably do their job of providing safety and performance benefits for consumers around the world," Russell writes

Expect packaging to cater to e-commerce

E-commerce is driving a major packaging industry shift in which materials must be efficient to ship yet attractive enough for retail displays, says Jonathan Quinn, Nova Chemicals' market development manager. "The challenge is how do you do one without sacrificing the other," says Quinn.

St. Jude’s, Green Giant partner on limited-edition packaging

B&G Foods' Green Giant brand has partnered with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to feature artwork from two of its patients on limited-edition packaging this fall, in addition to providing the hospital with a $350,000 gift. "It was important for us to release this timed to September and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to bring awareness of the important work being done by St. Jude to help children and families," said Green Giant's Jordan Greenberg.